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Winter inspirations from Coldwater Creek

I'm in the throes of National Novel Writing Month, so I haven't done any sewing. I do have several pieces for my SWAP picked out and ready to cut. I was almost to parity with the fabric stash, but then I went to Hancock's last month and they had several lovely pieces. Most of which I plan on using for my SWAP, so hopefully they will not stay in the stash for long.

I saw some cute pieces in the most recent Coldwater Creek catalogs, though, which I thought I might share.

There are a couple jackets in boiled wool that use interesting seaming detail:

This one has reversed raw seams on the vertical bodice seam as well as on the patch pockets with raw welts.

This one is a bit more formal with the traditional lapels; the diagonal seams are sewn with the seam allowances out, pressed open. (That detail could look nice on one of those moleskins with a smooth back, too.) I think the lapel edges are left raw as well; it's hard to tell in the picture.

There are also several pieces that incorporate embroidery with sweater knits. Usually that looks too twee for me, but these are nice minimalist pieces.

Sweater vest with multicolor pick-stitching and whipstitching (even a hand-sewing dolt like me could do something like this).

And this cute cardigan, with picksticking and felted embroidery around the snaps.

And more multicolor pickstitching on a rollneck sweater. (OK, I'd leave off the hip tassels.) All of these would be easy to do with RTW items, for maximum speed.

There are also some pieces with neat shaping.

This shirt-jacket has an angled peplum-y piece and released darts at the peplum seam. I wish they had a picture of the back, to see if the angled seaming continued. This one's made of real suede, but a poly moleskin would be nice too.

And this one I thought was cool just because of all the folded insets. The back has some too:

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