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Winter inspirations: Boden: Embellishment

Ok, if you know my taste at all, you'll know that lots of embellishment and *stuff* is not my style. One of the things I like about Boden is that they do interesting details on some of their clothes which are just enough - not crazy out there, but add a little something. In most of my sewing I tend to make things even more on the plain side that what I buy; at least that way I won't mess something up with a bad choice of embellishment, I figure! I probably need to be a bit bolder, so here are some ideas in that direction.

{There are several examples in the catalog that I wanted to share but aren't up on their website yet. I'll wait a bit, and if they don't show up I'll take a quick picture of the page in the catalog. So, round 1 of 2, hopefully:}

You can't see this except in the close-up shots, but this wool crepe dress has tonal contrast pick-stitching (which apparently in British English is 'stab stitching') on the bodice pintucks.

Knit wool dress with 'jewels' around the neckline. (I'm not convinced of the shape for most of us, though.)

The empire band has studs and beads added (and the shape looks good on almost anyone). There's an identical one in black in a dress length.

Boden always does a few skirts each season with cute embroidery or appliques. I particularly like this one with the bullseye sequins.

And here are a couple more skirts, this time with applique.

The rows of topstitching on the collar, pockets, and cuffs of this blazer are done in several different tonal colors of thread. I wonder if you could get a similar effect using one of those spools of variegated quilting thread?
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