saving9 (saving9) wrote,

2009 sewing goals

I cleaned up my sewing area the other day (sorta), and tried to get excited about my SWAP plans. And failed. I'm now thinking that the SWAP may not be my best plan for the beginning of the year. If I'm honest I need fill-in-the-blanks pieces more than I need a whole 'nother capsule. Right now, and maybe always, I'm not the kind of person who wants to make everything they wear - I don't have either the skills or the time. And since I've lost weight I can find decent-fitting things at the store (eventually). So it makes more sense to make those items that I can't buy or can't find to fit, or those things that I just think would be fun to sew.

I have two weddings to go to next year; both of my DH's cousins on one side (siblings) are getting married, one in April and the other in October. Both weddings are in the midwest, so it's hard to predict the weather. It could be springlike and warm, or it could still be cold. Of my nice dresses, the only one that's not black or summery is the dress I wore to my DH's sister's wedding last year. And the same folks who will be at both these weddings were at that wedding, so I'd like to have something new (preferably two somethings new). I'm thinking about something like a sleeveless dress and jacket combo, or a sleeved dress. Vogue has some good options. Some of the vintage patterns I have are possibilities, but they may look too costumey. Something like Vogue 7963 (the short skirt version), perhaps?
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