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Where'd that stitch in time go?

Garden 2009

Garden 2009

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Ah, the new year. Bringing the new seed catalogs, harbingers of spring! Just like in my fabric buying habits, I tend to be wildly over-optimistic in my garden planning and seed buying. This year I was uber-responsible and went through my remaining seed packets and my notes from last year before buying anything (ok, I did drool over the catalogs first, but then checked my favorites against the list). I really need to find some gardening friends around here who want to share seeds; I can never use a whole packet of anything before the seeds are old and won't germinate anymore.

Last year's garden was kinda sad; the two successes I had were tomatoes and bell peppers. This year I want to widen my tomato varieties, and try some cucumbers and zucchini, as well as lettuce and a chili pepper plant in containers. This will mean that I will need to clear more space in our backyard. Right now the sunniest area is covered by a lemon tree, our compost pile, some sad-looking roses, and a volunteer mint plant that's more like a shrub, despite how many times I've chopped and dug it up - thanks so much, old tenant! (Note to all: if you live in a place where it doesn't reliably freeze in the winter, never plant herbs, especially mint, in the ground. They go viral and you'll never get rid of them *ever*.)
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