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Where'd that stitch in time go?

Creative space Thursday

Creative space Thursday

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Recently I discovered the blog Hoppo Bumpo - which is doing a great series on seam finishes BTW - and her weekly Thursday creative space photos, a group effort organized by Kootoyoo. So I thought I'd take my own and join the list of participants. Mainly I'm excited that I'm sewing again, even if the Cold of Doom is still slowing me down a bit.

The white/black plaid and the pattern instructions are for a jacket I'm working on from Vogue 8562. I'm making it unlined from a really ravelly boucle, so I have to figure out how to finish all the seams - right now I'm thinking of binding them all with bias. The white and blue calico is a bag lining for a bag from Oh Fransson, and the jeans peeking out are going to become the bag exterior - I'm trying a little creative reuse. The zipper's destined to replace a broken one on a skirt I bought at an after-Christmas sale (at an additional half off since the zipper was busted), but I've been putting it off because I didn't want to have to change the thread color and then change it right back. I swear, I'm a lunatic.
  • I love nothing more than to be able to reuse stuff I don't use or don't like to make something new to love! I can't wait to see how your bag turns out.
  • Yep...reusing is the best kind of craft. I find it so satisfying.
  • Wow, that's going to be a beautiful jacket. I love the neckline on that pattern. Wouldn't a Hong Kong seam finish look nice ? :)
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