saving9 (saving9) wrote,

The blogs roundup

Via Into the Fray, check out this wacky article at Outside magazine about Brit Eaton, a guy who makes his living going around the West looking for vintage and antique jeans and other clothing. When you have to watch out for rattlesnakes and angry men with shotguns, it brings a whole new meaning to thrift hunting.

February is fat quarter month at Sew Mama Sew, and each weekday they're posting a project to do using fat quarters. Lots of clever and useful ways to use up small pieces. I should really be making the travel tissue holders, given how my cold refuses to go away.

On another topic, one of my favorite 'daily wardrobe photo' blogs is Fashion for Nerds, and she's got a wonderful series of posts up about kicking your style up a notch. It's a great combination of the practical and the intellectual visual/aesthetic, and not the same old boring stuff you get from fashion magazines. I think many sewers would find it inspirational, particularly if you're working on a SWAP or wardrobe collection.
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