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Where'd that stitch in time go?

Springtime, and a young woman’s fancy turns toward sewing

Springtime, and a young woman’s fancy turns toward sewing

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It’s still raining most days around here, but it’s getting warmer and lighter and generally creeping slowly toward spring. I’ve decided to finish up or put away my winter projects and make a new start for spring. I suppose I’m also officially giving up on SWAP for this year. With NaNo in November, the holidays, and then getting sick so much in January and February, I really didn’t get much sewing done this winter. Oh well, it’s my hobby, not another reason to wallow in guilt.
I’ve worked out appropriate RTW for the wedding I’m attending in early April, so I don’t need to try to make a dress. There are a few things I’d like to make for other events on the trip, though. Here’s my March pre-trip to-do list:
- Shorten straps on dress for wedding
- Teal linen pencil skirt
- Rose knit top
- Let down hems on all my new-ish pants that have shrunk in the wash (argh!)
- Black/white brocade shawl collar jacket (probably a stretch to finish)
That should definitely keep me busy for the next few weeks. I’ve also been wanting to move my blog to a new host, so maybe I’ll get around to that too.
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