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Where'd that stitch in time go?

Looking for May flowers

Looking for May flowers

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A couple weeks ago I ordered a passel more of Knipmodes from Naaipatronen (she'd gotten in a few more April 2008s, and shipping is cheaper if you buy several, you see...like my rationalizations?) and Friday I came home from a meeting in the cold and rain to find a box waiting for me. Oh happy day. Besides just drooling and paging through them, I've also traced a couple patterns that I want to try first. I made a quick muslin of just the waist/hip area of a simple skirt to test the sizing, since I've only made tops so far, and the fit was spot on. So spot on that I'm kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop. (Oh wait, everything's in Dutch, surely that's enough travail?)

I've also been working on a couple other projects. I finished a OOP Butterick skirt (a-line with a side drape) out of crinkle cotton, and the main construction is done on a green oxford version of the new Simplicity cup-size top. Both are wearable and will be nice for summer, but there are little problems with both. I may rip out the facing of the skirt and make a new one from the aforementioned KM pattern, because it gapes a bit in the back and will probably drive me nuts eventually. The pattern has you cut the waistband facing on the bias, which upon reflection makes no sense to me. You want your waistband to be stable, not stretch out during the course of the day.

I have no pictures of anything I've been working on, so as consolation I give you this blog by a tailor, with fabulous pictures of the innards of tailored jackets: Made by Hand.
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    they are in dutch, and it's sometimes a leap to get from the pattern pieces on the pattern paper to the pattern pieces you see in the layout picture. (See my recent adventure with that white jeans skirt from July 2008! (; ) heh.

    they're so worth it, though!

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