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Where'd that stitch in time go?

New Patterns at Indygo Junction

New Patterns at Indygo Junction

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For some reason, I am often attracted to Indygo Junction patterns, despite the fact that my aesthetic is not country shabby chic. I think it’s because the lines of each design are always coherent and obvious, and there’s always a less-decorated version on the pattern envelope. Many of their pieces have a nod to retro while still being practical and modern; they manage to be cute without being cutesy. I own a couple of their jacket patterns but haven’t made either up yet.
Several of the new patterns on their site caught my attention. The appliqued ‘plaid’ version of the Best Bias Skirt is intriguing, and I like the side slits:

The Inside Out Jacket, if made in only one or two fabrics, would be a cute light jacket - what about in denim?

I want to like the Modern House Coat, but something about the proportions seems off. Maybe if the waist was lowered from empire to the natural waist?

And Indygo Junction always has cute kids patterns (Angelic Tunic & Topper, Girly Gored Skirt, Jack and Jill Jammies) and aprons; I like the Lucy and June apron:

And the Afternoon Tea Apron, which would make a great ‘dress’ historical reproduction apron, particularly for Edwardian and late Victorian, in a white fabric:
  • Woah, I see what you mean about country shabby chic! :O

    I like the first skirt; that would definitely work in something-not-hallucinatory.

    Denim would work for the jacket! The two-button ones might be a little clunky but the one-button one looks pretty good on the pattern jacket. It looks like it has the most defined waist, too.

    The house coat looks too maternity, IMO.

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